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Customer Testimonials

Maria recently came to our home to give us some advice for managing our beautiful 2 year old Maremma, Luca, who we adopted 3 months ago. Within minutes of handling Luca, Maria had Luca in a calm, submissive state and was able to teach us to do the same when we went for a walk together. It was incredible to watch such a rapid transformation in Luca’s behaviour and for the whole family to learn the skills needed to keep him in a happy, relaxed state as well as learn general “dog safety” skills. Her advice regarding how to manage some of the challenging behaviours we had experienced made sense, were manageable to implement and most importantly, they worked. I highly recommend Maria to anyone looking for assistance with behaviour management strategies for their dog.

- Claire, Pullenvale

Thank you Maria for your assistance with training out little Jack Russel Minty. Before you stepped in she had become quite nervous around other dogs, barking and so on, which was unlike her as she otherwise has a lovely gentle nature. We are so thrilled that after 10 days with you she has changed remarkably. She is now much calmer around other dogs and we have been able to take her to coffee shops and other places and not having to worry about encounters with other dogs. We are so grateful for your help

- Carmel, Coorparoo

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