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The 2-day program

Our most popular program. You drop dog of at our place in the morning, we do assessment of dog, training and socialization during the day. At pick up that same afternoon we have a training session which is about 1.5 hour long. You go home with homework for a week and come back for another day 1 week later. We polish the techniques, add a few more things and have another training session at pick up.

Cost is $400 (cost may change so please confirm at booking) and includes written notes and a slip lead which also doubles as a head halter.


Behaviour consultations

In home behavioural consultations where we come to your place to listen to your story and the problems, assess the dog in its own environment and then work on the issues.

Cost starts at $200 for about 1.5 hour session in the Brisbane and Logan area. We still recommend to do the 2 day program to start with, it is possible to do the second training at your home instead.

We're more than happy to travel further for an added cost.


Day care and boarding

Going away or just working long hours? Your dog can stay with us! A stay here is more than just boarding, all dogs get plenty of exercise and socialization on our 2.5 acre property, they learn proper behaviour- both with other dogs and in general, good quality food and treats are served and they rest comfortably on comfy beds in their own crates.

New boarding dogs need to be approved by coming for a day stay before any overnight stays. This is to make sure they will fit in and will be happy to stay here. It is also good for the dog to get used to our place and how things work here. All dogs have loved it here so far!

Price: $44 a day per dog, if you have 2 or more dogs it is $33 per dog.

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