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About Behaving K9s

Behaving K9s were started in 2014 by Maria Harman. The goal is to educate people about natural dog behaviour and how to create a harmonious relationship with their dogs. All dogs are born balanced with no behaviour issues, then we take them in to our families and we create problems, not out of evil will, just out of not understanding the dogs needs.

At Behaving K9s your dog will learn how to be a dog again, and we will do our best to show you how to maintain this balance.

Our methods are based on dog psychology and will make sense for all dogs as they don't have to learn it, it is basically us talking their language, not teaching them ours. We mainly follow a 5- step program which will help you understand the basics and if you have these steps sorted, all other issues will go away.

Our facility is at our home in North Maclean. 2.5 acres with fully dog proof fencing, a smaller dog yard within the boundaries to safely socialise dogs in a controlled manner. Dogs are staying in our home, no kennels. They have their own comfortable crates to sleep in with ducted aircon and ceiling fans. We feed a good quality dry food mixed with raw food and vegetables. For dogs with special diet requirements we're happy to feed your own supplied food.

About Maria

Born in Sweden, Maria came to Australia in 2005 and got hooked on the Australian lifestyle (also met her Kiwi husband). After a few years of traveling around Australia, where she worked with everything from grape picking to house painting, tractor driving, farm work and kennel work, she ended up becoming a Veterinary Nurse with a special interest in behaviour. Starting in Darwin and finishing in Brisbane, via Cairns, she worked at vet clinics.

Discovering a big lack of understanding for dogs natural behaviour from dog owners and veterinary staff alike, she decided to start educating people to get better relationship and understanding for their dogs.

She had the amazing opportunity to attend a course with Cesar Millan at his Dog Psychology Center in 2013. Learning so many techniques and realising the importance of her own state of mind when handling dogs, she now wants to help sharing this knowledge to the world.

In March 2018 she and her husband Mark, who also works in the business, went to a workshop with Heather Beck in Salt Lake City, Utah. Here they learned the very successful 5-step program which marries in perfectly with dog psychology and gives the dog owners a clear step by step way to create the dog they've always wanted. They also learned heaps about socialising dogs in the safest way possible.

Why us?

Maria has completed Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and has worked at vet clinics for 9 years.

Completed Cesar Millans course Basic behavior and fundamentals I at the Dog psychology center in Santa Clarita, California, USA in May 2013.

Completed Heather Beck's 'Dealing with Difficult Dogs" workshop in Draper, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA in March 2018.

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